I created my shop and this web store with you in mind. If you like to stay ahead of fashion trends, create your own trends or just stand out from the crowd, you are in the right place.

Let me introduce myself; I am Alfreada, mother of 2, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, your Host to all things trendy and fashionable.
I have always had a love for the high fashions of Easter Sunday; from the little girl’s frilly dresses to the high hats of the Missionaries, on through to the dapper suits the men wore. A pulled together ensemble was candy to my senses.
Through my work and friendships, I found myself at a trade center where clothing and accessories of the finest type were available for wholesale prices. My entrepreneur mind started planning in full speed. Being goal oriented, faith based, and driven I put my ability to eye great fashion together with my love of styling people and started my business in 1991.

I started out selling children’s clothing, what fun that was outfitting children in the cutest outfits ever seen. I soon saw a niche’ among my friends, family and church groups. I discovered the women in these arenas were excited to purchase unique, trendy, gorgeous outfits for all their activities. I branched out into women’s accessories with a concentration on Fancy handbags and sunglasses.

A few years later, I took a stab at servicing our men with men's sweatsuits. That proved to be a real success. Even the ladies purchased the warm hooded sweatsuits. I have now expanded my lines to include men’s accessories as well as various home goods.
Presently, I am able to style just about everyone for most any occasion. When you are working in your Purpose, the sky is a limit on your creativity.
Browse around and let me know if I can help you with anything. Feel free to message me with questions, styling options or to match up great accessories. In the meantime, think AGAPE BLING for all your clothing and household needs.